Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release Sample

Visceral Release is in the forefront of approaches to fascial release.

It is a safe, non-invasive technique for helping patients with a wide array of functional somatic disorders.

The Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release is perfect for:






Do you treat Fibromyalgia?

Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release is great for treating:

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome

-Frozen Shoulder

-Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms


-Chronic Bronchitis



-Prostatic Problems




-Chronic Asthma


-And More!

So, what’s included?

3 DVDs

bullet_4_s1_black_sh Over 130 mins.

bullet_4_s1_black_sh Quick Start PDF – Also great for reference!

bullet_4_s1_black_sh FREE Shipping in the U.S.

bullet_4_s1_black_sh 30 Day Zero-Hassle Risk Free Guarantee

bullet_4_s1_black_sh 2 EASY Monthly Payments


The Conjugate Gaze approach to visceral fascial manipulation is a dynamic way to balance musculoskeletal dysfunctional states.
Patients who commonly suffer with fibromyalgia, myofascitis, chronic fatigue and chronic pain are often the same patients who suffer with visceral abnormalities interdependently.
In Conjugate Gaze, the practitioner learns the vital underpinnings of the autonomic nervous system, and how it can be harnessed through CNS reflex acitivation to balance the myenteric and autonomic outflow thereby stabilizing the dysfunctional organ and organ system.