The Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release is a subtle, gentle approach to releasing fascial conditions.
It is a safe, non-invasive approach to helping patients with functional somatic disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Dyspepsia, GERD, Constipation, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, Prostatic Problems, Chronic Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Sinusitis.
Physical Therapists and even licensed Massage Therapists (working in the scope of their license) who do craniosacral work can assist patients who suffer with musculoskeletal problems by adding the Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release to their repertoire.
Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release gives practitioners an added arsenal to evolve and broaden their therapeutic touch beyond the muscles.
So many conditions such as headaches, especially in adults, are tied into vagal abnormalities that originate in the dorsal motor nucleus and tractus solitarius as a result of gastric and constipatory disorders.
Dr. Perri’s Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release opens up a whole new world to therapeutic touch.
He completely covers all the contraindications in the DVDs.
If you’ve tried Visceral Manipulation, you will love Visceral Release!

A note from Dr. Vincent Perri…

Every D.C., D.O., P.T. and M.T. knows that fibromyalgia patients suffer from numerous co-morbidities such as chronic U.T.I.'s, IBS, URI's, chronic pelvic pain, and headaches. "Are you addressing your fibromyalgia patient's headaches, IBS and other visceral problems that intensify their musculoskeletal pain? Now you can address all of your patient's complaints!” You will see in the second DVD, the patient was a debilitated fibromyalgia patient who literally would not be functioning without the visceral work. Conjugate Gaze Visceral Release is perfect for Massage Therapists interested in visceral work as they only have to learn the 4 quadrant approach enabling them to begin helping their patients immediately while they are learning the more organ-specific techniques at their leisure. -Dr. Vincent L. Perri, Founder of Conjugate Gaze Adjustive Technique